Our mission

We provide our partners – for design professionals, investors, owners, contractors – with the necessary knowledge and objective data to enable them to make informed decisions in the field of industrial concrete floors, helping them move quickly and efficiently towards their goals.

Our vision

In Europe and especially in Hungary, industrial concrete floors are built relying on valid data, economically, with well-founded knowledge and expertise, according to their designed function, serving their industrial/commercial users without any problems for decades.

Our services related to industrial concrete floors:


floor design, providing floor specifications

supporting construction with on-site measurements, fresh concrete monitoring

on-site quality control and quality assurance

floor flatness/levelness measurements and certifications according to ASTM 1155, DIN 18 202, DIN 15 185, TR 34 standards

specification for narrow aisle (VNA) systems

corrective grinding with Spot-grinding method in the narrow aisle(VNA) systems

3D measurement technology to support construction processes

Our team

Portrait of Allen Face

Allen Face
The Source

Portrait of Noémi Nagy

Noemi Nagy

Portrait of Miklós Vass

Miklos Vass
Owner, ED

Portrait of anonymous person

Katalin Szilágyi
senior consultant

Portrait of Márk Tóth

Márk Tóth
Technology Support Specialist / Manager of Services

Portrait of Zoltán Szabó

 Zoltán Zsombor Szabó
Marketing Manager

Strategic partner

Hengelhoef Concrete Joints

Hengelhoef Concrete Joints- Belgium

Grupo Steelpav Ingenieria

Javier de la Mata, Ingeniero Consultor Técnico,
Grupo Steelpav Ingenieria-Spanyolország, Portugália

Euro Floor GmbH

Euro Floor GmbH- Németország

The best advice we can give you is to hire an independent expert, and your industrial floor becomes cheaper with better quality, and you don’t have to worry about it.