Spot grinding – Achieve the desired technical excellence more cheaply and efficiently

With our unique corrective grinding, the desired technical quality of industrial floors can be achieved cheaply and efficiently. Typically a necessary intervention in the design of very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse systems and when new technology is introduced, be it AutoStore or other automated/robotic warehouse systems.

Spot grinding

Why is it necessary to grind the industrial floor of a very-narrow-aisle (VNA) warehouse?

In a Very-Narrow-Aisle (VNA) warehouse, the importance of industrial floors with superior flatness and levelness cannot be overstated. These attributes are critical for the optimal performance and safety of forklift trucks. Rather than slowing down forklifts, the key is to make the industrial floor compliant, which necessitates grinding.

  • Cost Savings: Delivering superior results at a lower cost.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Minimizing concrete removal enhances our eco-friendliness, supporting higher BREEAM or other environmental ratings.
Korrekciós csiszolás munkafolyamatainak bemutatása két képen
Korrekciós csiszolás munkafolyamatainak bemutatása két képen

Spot grinding

How does spot grinding technology stand out from its competitors?

Not only is it the most cost-effective method, but there is no loss of time and no compromise in technical quality if you choose spot grinding!

  • Cost-effective

  • Fast
  • Efficient

  • Sustainable

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