Quality control and assurance is essential to ensure that the industrial floor meets the intended requirements

The projects organized nowadays involve several contractors and quality control companies working in parallel. These organizations work to varying standards and with varying quality, which means that the end result is unpredictable.


Why is it advantageous to have full quality control of your industrial floor in one hand? Because it helps to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and the end result is guaranteed to be a high quality concrete floor that fully meets your expectations.

Allen Face Europe comprehensive, standardised quality control services

Quality Control

Benefits of unified quality control

The advantage of standardized quality control is that by following the process throughout the project, up-to-date information can be used to improve the quality of the flooring construction, and continuous feedback can be provided to the investor and contractor, improving the process of industrial concrete flooring construction.


Allen Face Europe certifies the quality of its comprehensive industrial flooring processes with a certificate, which is issued to all customers and sent in physical format.

For our customers who achieve the 6-star Master Grade floor for the second time in a year, we will provide the industrial floor certification for all their work for free the following year!

Industrial floor qualification certificate

Industrial floors should also meet the BREEAM certification!

How do we contribute to the highest criteria for BREEAM certification?

  • The same function can be achieved with a thinner industrial concrete floor, reducing material consumption, transport and CO2 emissions.
  • With our HCJ profiles, there are no constraints on the placement of shelf legs, which maximizes space utilization.
  • Corrective grinding is uniquely environmentally friendly – Instead of grinding the entire floor, our spot grinding technology grinds only the spots that are needed – using significantly less energy and grinding only as much concrete as is actually needed.