Our Services

Practical, quality advice during the planning phase can save you not only a lot of money, but also time on your project.
Concrete Joins
Top-quality profiles that effectively meet real needs.
Inspection of the foundation
Foundation control is essential to ensure that the industrial floor is built on the best possible base.
Flatness control of wet concrete
Ensuring that the concrete floor is level when wet minimizes the costs of imperfections.
Survey of completed industrial floor
During the survey, we make sure that the industrial floor meets the required standards and can fulfill its intended functionality.
Spot grinding
Achieve the desired technical quality more cheaply and efficiently.
Equipment & Trainings
We also offer equipment for measuring the flatness of industrial floors and the necessary professional training courses.


Allen Face Europe certifies the quality of its comprehensive industrial flooring processes with a certificate, which is issued to all customers and sent in physical format.

For our customers who achieve the 6-star Master Grade floor for the second time in a year, we will provide the industrial floor certification for all their work for free the following year!

Industrial floor qualification certificate