Why is it worth discussing the means and methods of
industrial concrete floors with the leading
industrial floor specialists?

  • Unnecessary future-costs become easily avoidable.
  • We help you make more informed decisions without risk.

  • We orient our clients towards success quickly and efficiently.

  • By involving different parties, we facilitate cooperation, align expectations and simplify communication between stakeholders.


Our free preliminary consultation service is available for anyone who would like to receive high-quality, long-lasting industrial floors. After the short consultation, Allen Face Europe can offer its wide-range services for the floor.

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  • Topics covered during the consultation:

  • Clarifying the demands of the Procurer/Constructer (functions of the industrial floor, future plans, what purposes it has to serve).

  • Quick overview of basic data of planning, then advice.

  • Outlining the possible opportunities for rationalization.

  • Giving guidelines regarding the achievable Floor Flatness.

  • Showing other possibilities for industrial flooring to serve its users unnoticed.