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As the leading industrial flooring specialists, we pass on the right knowledge to our customers so that they can get a cost-effective, suitable and trouble-free industrial floor. We will measure, certify and, if necessary, grind your industrial concrete floor on-site to ensure that it is level and meets all your requirements.

The high quality of our services is demonstrated by the fact that we actively contribute to the highest BREEAM certification criteria.

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Here are 7 steps to introduce our services:

Practical, quality advice during the planning phase can save you not only a lot of money, but also time on your project.
Concrete Joins
Top-quality profiles that effectively meet real needs.
Inspection of the foundation
Foundation control is essential to ensure that the industrial floor is built on the best possible base.
Flatness control of wet concrete
Ensuring that the concrete floor is level when wet minimizes the costs of imperfections.
Survey of completed industrial floor
During the survey, we make sure that the industrial floor meets the required standards and can fulfill its intended functionality.
Spot grinding
Achieve the desired technical quality more cheaply and efficiently.
Equipment & Trainings
We also offer equipment for measuring the flatness of industrial floors and the necessary professional training courses.

Want to make sure your floor will accomplish its purpose?

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Compliance with function

Designing industrial floors to meet flatness requirements is a key factor in determining the suitability of the floor. Ask for our expert advice to optimize the flatness of your flooring surface, so that it always performs its intended function without compromise!

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Industrial floor measurement, certification

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Industrial floor certification

Standardized, professional compliance is of paramount importance for the use of industrial floors. Choose Allen Face Europe’s floor certification service to ensure that the industrial floor surface you want meets the required standards!

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Is your warehouse floor difficult to use?

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Solution for difficult floors

It is widely accepted that an unsatisfactory floor surface reduces maximum traffic and significantly affects its full utilization. Ask our experts for help to effectively and professionally remedy your existing problem!

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Looking for a solution to a unique problem?

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Unique problems require unique solutions

If you have a specific problem of any kind, our experts are at your disposal to help you find an effective solution with their expertise!

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Allen Face Europe certifies the quality of its comprehensive industrial flooring processes with a certificate, which is issued to all customers and sent in physical format.

For our customers who achieve the 6-star Master Grade floor for the second time in a year, we will provide the industrial floor certification for all their work for free the following year!

Industrial floor qualification certificate


We’ve been working together with Allen Face Europe for years in regard to industrial floor works. They help us out with technical consultancy. Recently, they have been involved in the purchase and training of the use of D-Meter, F-Meter industrial floor flatness and levelness measuring instruments. They have been effectively involved in the development of the floor surface flatness certification procedure. Allen Face Europe is also involved in the distribution of special products such as the HCJ Cosinus slide steel profiles. They are available, willing and able to contribute to our construction activities with their on-site presence and experience where necessary.
M. T.
ASA Építőipari Kft.
Allen Face Europe provides the design of industrial floors, and also the development of the construction technology to an extremely high standard, which is combined with the application of the cutting-edge technology of the flatness control measurements of industrial floors, the only one of its kind in Hungary. In the course of our cooperation, we have experienced total constructiveness, precision and accuracy from their professionals, combined with a tangible expertise.
L. G
Padló Service Kft.
Our cooperation with Allen Face Europe has been very positive. They were extremely professional and efficient in their work. We have been completely satisfied with them and would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for high quality services.
H. Cs., Executive Director
Speciál Padló Kft.
During the construction of a 14-meter high warehouse with a useful ceiling height, we contracted Allen Face Europe Ltd to inspect our concrete work and our polished concrete floor, which required high level accuracy. To ensure the fast and stable movement of our 10 ton forklift trucks in narrow aisles guided by induction conveyors, it was of most importance to guarantee the value of Fmin 100. Thanks to precise grinding work and continuous monitoring, this was achieved and we have been able to carry out our warehousing processes without any problems for 2 years. Corrective grinding was also used to create the final surface of the industrial floor of our 40,000-piece capacity automated box warehouse. The automated warehouse technology required a flatness tolerance of +- 10 mm over the entire area to meet the manufacturer's requirement. This accuracy was successfully developed by the grinding company following Allen Face Europe’s guidelines, with verification measurements confirming that the industrial flooring met the required tolerance values. Thank you for your accurate, precise work and flexible approach.
U. F., Director of Investments and Maintenance
Axiál Kft.
In recent years, we have worked with Allenface on a number of logistics projects, including the expert supervision of nearly 50,000 m2 of industrial flooring, including on-site laboratory testing. Throughout this time they have delivered a professional and conscientious service and we have been completely satisfied with them on all our projects together. Throughout the projects they have performed their work with the necessary determination, professionalism and complete independence. We would highly recommend Allenface to anyone looking for a professional and reliable partner.
G. G.

What makes AllenFace Europe unique and outstanding?

20% more efficient regarding time and investment

20% more efficient regarding time and investment

Measuring up to 0,1 mm when it comes to floor flatnessMeasuring up to 0,1 mm when it comes to floor flatness

Providing 2-year warranty in case of requiring all of our service

Providing 2-year warranty in case of requiring all of our services

Fast return on investment

Fast return on investment

Trustworthy, transparent, accountable work processes

Trustworthy, transparent, accountable work processes

Greener than any of our competitors regarding industrial concrete floors

Greener than any of our competitors regarding industrial concrete floors

Our cutting-edge equipment and technology is an assurance by itself

Our cutting-edge equipment and technology is an assurance by itself

We execute anything that is industrial floor, from consultation to assessment

We execute anything that is industrial floor, from consultation to assessment

Why is it worth discussing the means and methods of
industrial concrete floors with the leading
industrial floor specialists?

  • Unnecessary future-costs become easily avoidable.
  • We help you make more informed decisions without risk.

  • We orient our clients towards success quickly and efficiently.

  • By involving different parties, we facilitate cooperation, align expectations and simplify communication between stakeholders.

  • Topics covered during the consultation:

  • Clarifying the demands of the Procurer/Constructer (functions of the industrial floor, future plans, what purposes it has to serve).

  • Quick overview of basic data of planning, then advice.

  • Outlining the possible opportunities for rationalization.

  • Giving guidelines regarding the achievable Floor Flatness.

  • Showing other possibilities for industrial flooring to serve its users unnoticed.

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