Our staff attended a training course in Belgium, at the home of Hengelhoef Concrete Joints (HCJ), a manufacturer of industrial floor expansion joints!

During the training of our partner in the production of expansion steel profiles, Hengelhoef Concrete Joints (better known as HCJ), our staff gained new and useful knowledge that will help us to improve our professionalism and the quality of our interactions with our customers in the future.

Benefits of HCJ industrial floor expansion joints

The HCJ team has been manufacturing and distributing some of the best performing dilatation profiles in many countries around the world for many years. HCJ dilatation joints enable customers to increase the maximum capacity of their warehouses and logistics halls, and allow faster forklift movements. In addition, the superior performance of HCJ profiles can reduce the required concrete thickness during construction, saving our customers significant money and reducing CO2 emissions.

HCJ joints also have a number of beneficial features that can provide our customers with significant business benefits in both the short and long term, which is why Allen Face’s team of independent industrial flooring experts recommend the extensive use of HCJ products.

As part of the training, HCJ colleagues and engineers gave detailed presentations on customer relationship management, the behavior and properties of dilatation joints, as well as a thorough demonstration of the principles of correct profile installation. During the training, our staff had the opportunity to visit a logistics plant where the floor has been working perfectly for 8 years without cracks thanks to the Cosinus Slide® profile installed.

New trends in the world of dilatation profiles for 2024

The event also saw the launch of new products such as the HCJ Post-Tension Floor Joint, which won the 2024 Experts’ Choice Innovative Product Award at the world-renowned World of Concrete trade show. HCJ’s brand new Post-Tension Dilatation Profile helps to manage movements of up to 70mm, minimize cracks in the floor and protect against shrinkage and general ground movement.


Another new feature was the introduction of the expansion profile connector: the new HCJ connector allows the straight expansion profiles of the HCJ family, such as the E-Straight or the outdoor Omega 3mm profile, to be installed without welding. The HCJ weldless expansion profile saves considerable time and resources, and the use of this technology is set to play a significant role in the future, both domestically and internationally.


During the event we were particularly honoured to receive a recognition award from the Hengelhoef Concrete Joints team. Our company’s outstanding performance last year earned us the award for the highest sales growth among HCJ partners, which is a good indication of the growing popularity of HCJ’s high-quality products. Thank you very much for the recognition from the HCJ team, we hope that our cooperation will continue to be successful!