Why should we contract an industrial floor consultant, specialist?

Industrial floor being measured with 3D methods

Throughout the years and different projects I worked on, I formed a firm belief why an industrial floor specialist should be involved in the designing and planning processes regarding industrial concrete floors.

I recognized the frequent problem that although the industrial floor is the greatest single surface that is exposed to everyday workloads (such as warehousing or any factorial process), it does not get the care and attention it requires. But what would be a solution to this problem?

Why is it important to organize every step of the construction of industrial floors?

As we know, a lot of professionals work to achieve a good quality industrial floor, but somehow, it is not always the result. One reason might be that, according to what I have seen, each step gets supervised by different professionals, and every next step is overseen by another specialist.

Their work does not get supervised by one responsible industrial floor specialist, which can result in problems for the concrete industrial floor.

Is it sufficient to contract an industrial floor specialist / consultant?

The good news is that sometimes these parties (designer, procurer, executors, end-user) can communicate successfully, and the industrial floor turns out to be suitable for all its intended purposes.

In this case, all the implemented standards, the needs, and the future goals of utilization were nicely aligned, and the industrial floor is ready to use. Unfortunately, this is the rarer case.

If the alignment of different steps do not succeed, the corrections will be hurtful in the form of extra costs regarding the industrial concrete floor.

For instance, it turns out that those floors that were designed for random traffic will be used in VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) systems, but it was designed differently. Then, as previously mentioned, the extra costs are going to be greatly significant, whereas this problem could have been avoided with an industrial floor specialist.

The initial costs did not include the corrective grinding, which is needed for a well-working VNA system, therefore we have to pay extra if we want to use our warehouse as it was intended.

Though progress was truly made, since this mistake is not as usual as it was 10 years ago, but still, there is always room to widen one’s perspective.

The expertise of monitoring all work processes regarding industrial flooring

Organizing multiple steps in the construction of an industrial floor

Usually, this comprehensive task is reliant on the general project managers, but the issue is that they have to look out for so many other things, taking up most of their attention, that the industrial concrete floor will only get little care and attentiveness.

According to my experience, mostly those project managers and professionals contract an industrial floor specialist who encountered the pitfalls hidden in the field of industrial concrete flooring. In order to avoid extra costs and postpones, they hire a professional who will be able to coordinate the tasks and synchronize them to satisfy every need regarding concrete industrial floors.

Naturally, this specialist will not be there to judge others’ work, but to give a helping hand, to guide the construction of the industrial floor in an adequate direction.

These professionals have to be there at every step in the industrial flooring process, because only then they will be able to synchronize the different needs and requirements, and make a floor that is perfect for its functions and is long lasting.

In this case, emerging problems become avoidable with a industrial concrete floors specialist on-site, which will be beneficial in the short and distant future as well.

Let’s avoid the extra costs and problems of industrial concrete floors together!

Sadly, until one did not run into a problem concerning industrial floors, they cannot know the extra costs of it! Therefore, they will not have the idea of contracting an independent industrial concrete floor specialist to collaborate and to work together with them.

Our opinion is that if there is an industrial concrete floor specialist present during the construction, they can oversee the processes from a wider perspective, and can give advice (or help practically) make and finalize the industrial floor in accordance with your needs.

This approach on minimizing the costs of industrial flooring is the one that will be beneficial for you, especially in the long run.

To summarize, a competent professional/advisor on the field of industrial concrete flooring (could be called a moderator as well), who knows the work processes, the standards, and their rightful implementations, and is aware of not only the newest, but the older technologies as well, will not only ease everyone’s job while working together on an industrial floor, but will protect the floor’s health in the long run.

We are Allen Face Europe, we think in decades when it comes to the perfect industrial concrete floor.

Hire an industrial floor specialist now!

Márk Tóth

Industrial Floor Specialist

Allen Face Europe