During the construction of a 14-meter high warehouse with a useful ceiling height, we contracted Allen Face Europe Ltd to inspect our concrete work and our polished concrete floor, which required high level accuracy. To ensure the fast and stable movement of our 10 ton forklift trucks in narrow aisles guided by induction conveyors, it was of most importance to guarantee the value of Fmin 100. Thanks to precise grinding work and continuous monitoring, this was achieved and we have been able to carry out our warehousing processes without any problems for 2 years. Corrective grinding was also used to create the final surface of the industrial floor of our 40,000-piece capacity automated box warehouse. The automated warehouse technology required a flatness tolerance of +- 10 mm over the entire area to meet the manufacturer’s requirement. This accuracy was successfully developed by the grinding company following Allen Face Europe’s guidelines, with verification measurements confirming that the industrial flooring met the required tolerance values. Thank you for your accurate, precise work and flexible approach.